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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. How is the title of property?

The title of the property examined by well experienced panel of lawyers to ensure it is clear and acceptable to any bank or financial institute.

2. Do you provide easy payment terms and how it works?

At Fairlands, we have created several payment plans that will help you realize your dream of being a property owner. client can obtain loan facility up to 60% of land value from FAIR LANDS without any hassle for a re-payment period up to 5 years.

3. How you charge if I settle early in easy payment?

No future interest will be charged. Will only charge interest up to settlement date.

4. Can I build during easy payment period?

You are not allowed to build any permanent building in easy payment period.

5. How I can go for a Bank Loan?

Bank will grant 60% to 70% of land value depending on applicant’s re-payment capacity. Period up to 15 years will be allowed depending on applicant’s age.

6. What are the documents should I provide for bank loan?

Mainly applicant has to provide documents to prove his/her income. All documents related to property will be provided by FAIR LANDS.

7. How your company assist for bank loan ?

A dedicated team of FAIR LANDS is there to assist you in every step of obtaining a loan from a set of leading banks for lowest interest rates in the market. Client will not have to worry when it comes to documentation part as FAIR LANDS will closely follow-up with the bank regarding the loan.

8. How deed transfer will work & what are the charges involved?

After settling all dues related to land transaction, client can decide when to do the transfer deed. Either from our legal officers or lawyer from client would be able to do the transfer deed. Stamp Fee – 3% on 1st Rs.100,000/- and 4% on balance value. Legal Fee would be 1% on total sale value.

9. What about approvals & clearances from council & other authorities?

A comprehensive service on council approvals offered as a service by FAIR LANDS on lands they sell.

10. Can I sell my land to FAIR LANDS?

Yes, FAIR LANDS buy lands from sellers all over the country. The land should be at minimum 80 perches. Please submit a request using this form